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How to Install the Click&Clean for Chrome on Windows 8

Click&Clean on Windows 8

Click&Clean Icon (Created by Vlad and Serge Strukoff)Chrome version 23 and later on Windows 8 now only supports Metro or Desktop mode, not both at the same time. The Click&Clean version 7.9 are built using a technology called NPAPI and is compatible with Windows 8 Desktop mode only.

Quick easy steps to install and use Click&Clean on Windows 8:

  1. Click on the Chrome menu button Chrome menu icon at the right of the address bar.
  2. Select Relaunch Chrome in Desktop mode, then all your open tabs will now relaunch in Windows 8 Desktop mode.
  3. Open chrome://chrome/extensions/ page. Click the Chrome menu Chrome menu icon, choose Tools, then select Extensions
  4. Download Click&Clean from our website: Direct Download [978KB]
    SHA1: 424569667b26126d75dca7a0a873e51b2d461fe8
  5. When the download has completed just drag the ClickClean.crx onto the Extensions tab (Pic.1), then wait sveral seconds and click on Add button when asked.

The essential Windows 8 hotkeys:

  • Windows + D - to instantly go to the desktop
  • Windows + Y - show desktop view
  • Windows + M - minimize all applications
  • Windows + E - open Windows Explorer
  • Windows + X - open system utility settings
  • Windows + F - open a file and folder search
  • Windows + Q - open search for apps
  • Windows + I - open Windows start menu settings
  • Windows + Tab - switch between opened apps
  • Windows + T - preview all opened windows in the taskbar
  • Windows + L - lock Windows screen
  • Windows + Shift + period (.) - snap a window or app to the right or left side
Drag the ClickClean.crx

Pic.1 Drag the ClickClean.crx file onto Chrome's extensions list

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