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Test Your Camera Online v3

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Webcam not found, disabled or not connected.

Detected Cameras

It seems that your browser is blocking access to web cameras and so it is impossible to enumerate all connected devices and their models. Click on Test Your Camera and allow safe access or adjust access permissions manually.

Hardware Access Status

Camera Resolution & Frame Rate

Test Common Video Resolutions

NameClassRatioW × H
MMS Small96p4 : 3
QQVGA120p4 : 3
QnHD180p16 : 9
MMS144p11 : 9
144p 144p16 : 9
MMS Large240p4 : 3
240p 240p16 : 9
360p 360p16 : 9
SDTV480p4 : 3
480p480p3 : 2
480p 480p16 : 9
HD Ready720p4 : 3
720p 720p16 : 9
HD 1080p16 : 9
2k 1440p16 : 9
4K UHD 2160p16 : 9
Logitech 4K PRO 2160p1.9 : 1
8K UHD4320p16 : 9

Browser-Supported Media Features

Fix Webcam Access Permissions

Google Chrome™

Click on the camera icon at the right side of the address bar and allow access for this website.

Also, you can adjust permissions for a webcam in the Privacy Settings:

Otherwise, open Chrome Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Camera.
How to use your webcam & microphone in Chrome.

Microsoft Edge™

Click on the camera icon at the end of the address bar and choose Always allow …

Additionaly, you can manage camera permissions at hte following url:
edge://settings/content/camera and change access for this website.

Or adjust by going to Edge Settings > Advanced > Privacy & Security > Site Settings > Camera.
How to adjust your web camera & microphone in Edge.

Mozilla Firefox™

Click on webcam icon at the left side of the address bar and remove a blocking permission by clickling on x at the bottom-right corner.

Settings: Open Firefox menu > Options > Privacy & Security at left > Permissions > Camera - Settings button.
How to manage your webcam and mic in Firefox.

Opera for Desktop

Click camera icon at the left side of the address bar and remove a blocking permission by clickling on x at the bottom-right corner.

Options: opera://settings/content/camera and adjust cam access.
Or go to Opera Settings > Site Permissions > Camera.
Change your webcam & microphone settings in Opera browser.

Chrome for Android™

In the Chrome App open Settings > Site Settings > Camera. Also, do not forget to turn on your camera or microphone permissions in your device settings.
How to change webcam & microphone permissions in Chrome for Android.

Chrome on iPhone™

Currently, Chrome on iPhone can't access front and/or rear cameras. But you can use Apple Safari browser.

Safari on iPhone™

Open iPhone settings > Safari > Camera > Select Ask

Use Another Browser?

There are many others browsers available, so it is not possible to provide instructions for all of them. Just explore your browser's help pages for required information.

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