Google Chrome 70 Will Give You More Privacy Controls

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Google Chrome 70 Is Coming

By Click&Clean - Tuesday, 9 October 2018. Dear all: In mid-October 2018, Google is expected to release version 70 of its popular Chrome web browser. The new version of Chrome is designed to give users more privacy controls.

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After the last Chrome (Stable) update, many users were unhappy that Chrome 69 forcibly signed them into the browser, and there have also been complaints about the cookie-clearing logic. In Chrome 70, Google is set to resolve these two privacy and safety concerns.

Google Chrome 70 give you more privacy controls
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Starting with Chrome 70, Google plans to give users control of extension access. Browser extensions are very useful for a number of things, but criminals and shady developers sometimes find loopholes in the automatic extension-checking system. Therefore, Google wants to give users more privacy control to restrict host access to extensions. Users may choose to: "allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites you visit" or select options to limit the extension to "on-click" or "on specific sites." At the moment, it's only possible to change site access permissions after installing the extension.

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