How to Protect and Secure Your Smart TV

How to Protect and 
Secure Your Smart TV

By Click&Clean - Friday, 11 October 2019. If you are considering buying a smart TV or you already have one, here are some helpful tips on how to protect yourself against privacy and security risks 🔗

Auto-Delete Activity Data From Your Google Account

Automatically Delete Your Activity Data By Click&Clean -Updated: 8 October, 2019. This new functionality allows Google customers to automatically remove Location History, Web & App Activity, and YouTube History information after a specific time period. Here's how it works … 🔗
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Tips for Creating Secure and Easy-to-Remember Passwords

How to Create Strong and 
Easy-to-Remember Passwords By Click&Clean - 29 September, 2019. Password protection is used to secure your personal information, so the use of a strong, secure, and unique password is very important for maintaining the privacy and security of your data. How to create strong and easy-to-remember passwords… 🔗

How to Keep Your Webcam Secure

How to Secure Your Webcam By Click&Clean 26 September, 2019. Nowadays, webcams are standard equipment on most devices, including desktop and laptop PCs, tablets, and smartphones. However, this does not mean that we know what we are doing with them, and many people simply forget that they are vulnerable to being hacked… 🔗

Make Your Twitter Account More Secure

Make Your Twitter Account More Secure By Click&Clean - Updated: 24 September, 2019. It's very convenient to sign in to everything using a simple "Sign in with Twitter" option, but this can create security problems if those apps or sites have full access to your Twitter account … 🔗

Google Has Fixed 52 Security Bugs In The Latest Chrome

Google Has Fixed Multiple Security Bugs By Click&Clean - 18 September, 2019. Today, Google released Chrome 77 with multiple security fixes, including 2 critical bug, 12 high-risk severity issues, 17 medium-risk vulnerabilities, and 10 low-risk flaws. How to stay safe and what's new… 🔗

The Number One Cleaner for Microsoft Edge Browser

Add the N1 Cleaner for Chrome to Microsoft Edge Browser By Click&Clean - 7 September, 2019. If you're looking forward to trying out Click&Clean with the new Microsoft Edge Beta browser, now is a good time to do it. How to add Click&Clean to the Microsoft Edge 🔗

Protect Your Personal Data On LinkedIn

Protect Your LinkedIn Account Security By Click&Clean - 10 June, 2019. In this article, as a continuation of the subject of the security of your online accounts, we will describe a few simple things that will help you make your LinkedIn account more private and secure … 🔗

How To Secure Your Microsoft Account

Secure Your Microsoft Account By Click&Clean - 10 May, 2019. Like many other companies, Microsoft also allows a wide range of third-party apps to use your account with a simple "Sign in with Microsoft" option. Learn how to improve the privacy of your Microsoft account … 🔗

Restart The Browser Without Losing Open Tabs

Restart Your Browser Without Losing Open Tabs By Click&Clean - 12 April, 2019. In case you have multiple tabs and windows open and notice that the browser leads to huge memory usage and a slowdown of your system, then restarting the browser without losing open tabs can be quite useful … 🔗

How To Update Your Chrome Extensions

Keep Your Google Chrome Extensions Updated By Click&Clean - 19 March, 2019. One of the reasons we like Google Chrome is that it has a huge number of extensions. As with any other operating system or software, your Chrome extensions also need to be updated to the latest versions on a regular basis … 🔗

How To Spot And Avoid Phishing Scams

How to Spot and Avoid Phishing Scams By Click&Clean - 7 March, 2019. Many of people fall for phishing emails every day, so today we want to give you some useful information about what phishing is and how you can spot and avoid these attacks … 🔗

Google+ Is On The Way To Being Shut Down

Google+ Is Shutting Down By Click&Clean -Updated: March 26, 2019. Google published detailed plans to shutdown Google+ for consumers, but not for G Suite customers. Learn how to download and back up your Google+ data before the deletion date … 🔗

Microsoft Edge Will Support Google Chrome Extensions

Microsoft Edge Browser Support Chrome Extensions By Click&Clean - 18 January, 2019. Microsoft confirmed plans to move its Edge browser for desktop to the open-source Chromium-based web platform used by Google Chrome, Opera, and other browsers. The updated browser will also support Chrome extensions … 🔗

Begin the New Year With a Fresh, Clean Start

Start a New Security Journey with Click&Clean in 2019 By Click&Clean - 31 December, 2018. Happy New Year 2019, Dear Friends! Many thanks to all of you for your support and contributions during this outgoing year 2018! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends. 🔗

Protect Your Privacy and Security On Facebook

Protect Facebook Account By Click&Clean - 17 December, 2018. Like Google, Facebook allows third-party apps and sites to use your account for a simple "Login with Facebook" option, which gives those apps access to your private data and personal information. 🔗

Prevent Third-Party Apps and Sites From
Accessing Your Google Account

Improve Your Google Account Privacy and Security By Click&Clean - 23 November, 2018. If you have a Google account, you have likely given some apps, extensions, and websites access to your basic account; however, it is possible that you have given them permission to full access to your account, which can be like playing with fire. 🔗

Chrome 71 Will Warn You About Subscription Scams

Chrome 71 Subscription Scam Warning By Click&Clean - 18 November, 2018. Starting with Chrome 71, when you visit a page that has been flagged as deceptive, you will end up on a warning page that states "The page ahead may try to charge you money."🔗

How To Save Your Browsing History Before Deleting

Export and save your browsing history By Click&Clean -Updated: November 14, 2018 Dear All: We always recommend that you regularly clear your browsing history in order to enhance your privacy and security online. But sometimes, you want to keep your browsing history and not delete it. 🔗

Extra Security Features Using the Context Menu

Click&Clean commands to the right-click menu By Click&Clean -Updated: November 14, 2018 Today, we want to give you some helpful tips and information on how to increase your online privacy and security using Click&Clean commands from the right-click context menu. 🔗

How To Clear Search History From Your Google Account

Delete your search activity from your Google account By Click&Clean - 5 November, 2018. Just recently, Google updated the way to delete your search history, making it easier and more efficient for Google users. Previously, it was possible to remove certain search activity, but it was not very easy or convenient. 🔗

Google Chrome 70 Will Give You More Privacy Controls

Google Chrome 70 give you more privacy controls By Click&Clean - 9 October, 2018. In mid-October 2018, Google is expected to release version 70 of its popular Chrome web browser. The new version of Chrome is going to give users more privacy controls. 🔗

Major Chrome Update On The Browser's 10th Birthday

Google Chrome 10th anniversary By Click&Clean - 12 September, 2018. Dear all: As you know, Google released version 69 of Chrome early last week, in time for the browser's 10-year anniversary. As always, Chrome's updated features focus on privacy and security. 🔗

The Number One Cleaner For Google Chrome

Together we make the Internet safer for everyone! By Click&Clean - 26 August, 2018. Click&Clean is the #1 Cleaner App for Google Chrome that lets you quickly and easily delete your browsing history with a single click. 🔗

Google Chrome Now Labels Insecure Websites

Chrome labels insecure websites By Click&Clean - 25 July, 2018. Yesterday, Google has released version 68 (68.0.3440.75) of the Chrome browser for desktop. This update comes with a number of security updates, 42 security fixes, new APIs. 🔗

One Simple Step To Keep Safe While Browsing Online

Protect Your Online Privacy and Security By Click&Clean - 12 June, 2018. Dear All: Your privacy and Internet safety are our most important goals. Please read this article on why it is important to keep your browser up to date and why is important to clear your browsing history. 🔗

Google Chrome 66 With a Focus On Security

Google Chrome 66 With a Focus on Security By Click&Clean - 21 April, 2018. On Tuesday, Google Chrome Stable has moved up to version 66. This release contains a number of security updates, 62 security fixes, new APIs and features. The most noticeable additions are all security-related.

The Strict Site Isolation feature is now enabled by default. Chrome 66 will now give out warnings to users when any third-party software are injecting code into Chrome's process. Google Chrome will now block sound on autoplay content by default to reduce unexpected video playback with sound.

We recommend you immediately update Google Chrome to version 66. For better online protection and more comfortable experience, always use the latest version of Google Chrome and latest version of Click&Clean. It's TOTALLY FREE! You can download Click&Clean from Chrome Web Store.

Click&Clean v9.0.4.4 Chrome Edition Helps You
Protect Your Privacy Online

Protect Your Privacy Online By Click&Clean - 3 April, 2018. Dear all: the Click&Clean has been updated to the version for Chrome. First of all, we want to thank all of you for your continued support of the Click&Clean project. We sincerely appreciate it! Your privacy and safety online is the first and most important goal for us.

We are continually working hard to help you increase the level of your privacy and security. Just a small handful of security measures and you can greatly reduce your exposure to cyber threats. Click&Clean helps you protect your privacy online in a simple and more effective way. It's 100% FREE to All! Get and use for free!

If you want update Click&Clean right now, you can do that manually from the chrome://extensions/ page and, as always, we strongly recommend that you read the Click&Clean Quick Start Guide.

Boost Your Online Security and Privacy With Chrome 65

Improve Your Online Security With Google Chrome By Click&Clean - 10 March, 2018. Dear all: A few days ago Google has launched a new version of the Chrome browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. This new release comes with almost 45 security fixes, new features and enhancements.

One of the most important new security features of Chrome 65 is the built-in tab-under blocking, which is designed to prevent websites from loading pages that you do not expect when clicking on links. Update your Chrome right now …

Click&Clean for Chrome v9.0.3.7
Browse The Web Without Being Tracked!

Browse the web without being tracked! By Click&Clean - 1 March, 2018. Ladies and gentlemen! We are glad to inform you that a new great version of Click&Clean for Chrome and Chromium-based browsers has been released and is available in Chrome Web Store. This release contains a number of security updates, feature enhancements, minor fixes and code optimization.

As always, we thank everyone who has contributed to the project to help us continuously improve our product. It's FREE for everyone! You can get it for free at Chrome Web Store

For security and privacy reasons, we strongly recommend that you read the Click&Clean Quick Start Guide and check out your Chrome for the latest version.

Click&Clean Your Chrome's Best Friend! Version is Here!

Make Your Browsing Safer By Click&Clean - 10 February, 2018. Dear all: We are happy to announce a new awesome version of Click&Clean Chrome Edition. We are always focused on improving the extension for you with every release and your feedback helps guide our work.

This update contains a number of under-the-hood improvements that significantly improve the security and privacy, stability and reliability, performance and general smoothness of Click&Clean. Download Click&Clean now and stay safe and secure online!

After installation is complete, we recommend you check out quick start guide to adjust Click&Clean settings and bring your security and privacy in the internet to a whole new level.

Chrome v64 Released, Update Now To Stay Safe and Secure Online

Keep Your Browser Safe and Fast By Click&Clean - 25 January, 2018. Dear all: Today the Chrome team is rolled out a new release v64 of Google Chrome for Desktop. This release includes around 53 security fixes, bug fixes, and a number of improvements and changes.

We strongly recommend that you keep your browser up-to-date to ensure security improve functionality. Google Chrome automatically updates itself if it detects a new version available, but to make sure you are protected by the latest security updates, we recommend you update your browser immediately.

Speed Your Chrome Up and Enjoy Privacy Online

Speed Your Chrome Up By Click&Clean - 18 January, 2018. Dear all: We are very glad to release a new version of Click&Clean for Chrome and Chromium-based browsers.

This is the first update of this year, which includes a package of important security and performance improvements, minor user interface improvements, code optimization and fixes. Download Click&Clean and speed your Chrome up! It's totally free for everyone!

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018! By Click&Clean - 31 December, 2017. Dear all: Many thanks for your support in the last year! We wish you joy and happiness, success and prosperity in the New Year of 2018! Stay secure and safe, stay with Click&Clean. With lots of love and best wishes, Click&Clean Team.

Click&Clean v9.0 Chrome Edition Released

Click&Clean v9.0 Chrome Edition By Click&Clean - 30 December, 2017. Hi Everyone! We have just released the Click&Clean v9.0 - Chrome / Chromium Edition and it's last update of this year 2017. This release includes a number of important security improvements, fixes and optimizations. Download it Now!
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