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Explore and delete web browsing data stored in your browser's cache.

What's a Browser Cache?

When you navigate to a Web page and you're not using an incognito mode i.e private browsing, your Web browser loads and stores certain data, such as images, video, audio files, directly into a specific folder on your hard drive. Usually, this folder is named Cache and is located in your browser's profile directory.

The Cache lets your browser to load and render web pages you have visited previously a bit more quickly. However, over time, the size of the cache becomes too large, this may slow down your browsing speed. Also, other people who have access to your system, or a malware application that has read access to the cache, can use cached data in a negative way for their own purposes. To safeguard your privacy and speed up your browsing experience you should empty the cache periodically.

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Cache Viewer / Cache Cleaner Features

On this page you can explore or empty your browser's cache. By default, the Cache Viewer shows all the files cached in your browser's cache. For each file, you can view the following information: content type, so this makes it easy to recognize a type of file, e.g image/png, video/h264, audio/ogg, text/html etc.; URL from where the file was downloaded; file size; width and height of an image in pixels, http headers, binary file data, etc.

There may be a very large number of files, so it becomes difficult to search through them. Cache Viewer provides several ways to easily find the one you want. You can search and sort files by domain and content type.

Where is the Location of the Browser Cache Directory?

The default location of the Cache directory varies by OS, Browser and Release channel i.e stable, beta, dev or canary. Below you will find a list of cache paths for some most-used operating systems and browsers:

Windows 8, 10, 11
Google Chrome™
Stable%LOCALAPPDATA%/Google/Chrome/User Data/Default/Cache
Beta%LOCALAPPDATA%/Google/Chrome Beta/User Data/Default/Cache
Dev%LOCALAPPDATA%/Google/Chrome Dev/User Data/Default/Cache
Canary%LOCALAPPDATA%/Google/Chrome SxS/User Data/Default/Cache
Microsoft Edge™
Stable%LOCALAPPDATA%/Microsoft/Edge/User Data/Default/Cache
Beta%LOCALAPPDATA%/Microsoft/Edge Beta/User Data/Default/Cache
Dev%LOCALAPPDATA%/Microsoft/Edge Dev/User Data/Default/Cache
Mac OS X
Google Chrome™
Stable~/Library/Caches/Google/Chrome or ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome
Beta~/Library/Caches/Google/Chrome Beta or ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome Beta
Dev~/Library/Caches/Google/Chrome Dev or ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome Dev
Canary ~/Library/Caches/Google/Chrome Canary or ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome Canary
Google Chrome™

Explore All Files in Your Browser's Cache Feedback Contribute Privacy

To view all files into your browser's cache:
1. Click the Select folder button below.
2. Select the cache folder or just paste the path to the cache folder.
3. Click the Upload button under Upload n files to this site? dialogue. In fact, no files will be transferred from your computer, everything happens locally. We do not track or collect any information from these files.

Delete Files and Data in Your Browser's Cache

Simply click the following Recycle Bin button to delete files and data from your browser cache based on the date and time in your Click&Clean options.

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Legal Note

Cache Viewer is intended for personal research purposes only. Using Cache Viewer does not give you ownership of the content you access. You may not copy copyrighted content from the Cache unless you obtain permission from its owner or are otherwise permitted by law. Don't copy any copyrighted material without permission from the owner. However, you can always empty your browser's cache without any legal doubt.