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Be Sure You're Protected by Latest Security Updates

Today, in this digital world, the Internet has become the part of your everyday life. Everyone is using the Internet for almost everything like to contact friends and family, follow the news, send emails, buy things, watch the videos and listen to music, and so on.

A web browser is software that allows you to access the online world. Nowadays there is a vast diversity of web browsers on the market: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, … Nearly all of them have automatic update mechanisms in place. However, in practice, for various reasons, it is often the case that an upgrade to a new version can take several days, weeks and even more time.

A "cult" of the update …

Surfing the Internet with an outdated vulnerable web browser, can put your security at risk. A vulnerable web browser could make your personal information public, stolen or destroyed, and it may also facilitate the download of viruses and spyware, that can capture a credit card numbers, passwords and other sensitive information.

Outdated browser may run much slower, and some features may not work correctly. So keeping your Internet browser up to date is important for security and privacy, and enhance your experience while browsing the web. Click&Clean Team strongly recommend and encourages everyone to keep their preferred web browser up to date.

If you can't update automatically, you can download and install the latest Chrome version from the

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Why Browser Updates Are So Important?

Bugs and vulnerabilities in a browser present security and privacy risks, and these can be addressed with a browser update. Browser updates are essential for your devices as it keeps your devices protected against attacks, malware and viruses.

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