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Google Chrome 125 Is Now Stable and Ready for Download

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Security Fixes, Enhancements, and Changes In Chrome 125

By Click&Clean - Wednesday, May 15, 2024. Today, Google has released a new stable version of its Chrome web browser, Chrome 125. This update will be gradually rolled out over the coming weeks to all Chrome users on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. With the release of Google Chrome 125, users can look forward to new features, enhanced security measures, and improved stability and performance. It's a testament to Google's commitment to delivering the best browsing experience for all its users!

Google Chrome 125
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Enhanced Protection Against Mouse and Keyboard Hijacking

Starting in Chrome 125, Google has begun testing new privacy controls. The updated version includes added controls in the site permissions panel, which enable users to determine whether websites can lock the keyboard or pointer and control scrolling and zooming. This is intended to enhance security and make it more difficult for cyber attackers to gain control. Adding specific settings for each site simplifies management.

Automatic Deep File Scanning For Enhanced Security

In Google Chrome 125, deep scanning, when the user downloads a password-protected archive such as ZIP, 7z, RAR, or any other file format using Chrome web browser, now automatically occurs as part of the enhanced data protections provided by "Enhanced Safe Browsing."

Enhanced Security and Data Protection On Windows

The latest Chrome version 125 enhances browsing security on the Windows platform by sandboxing the Network Service. Although the Network Service already ran as its own process, sandboxing now makes it more difficult for third-party code to be injected.

Chrome Extensions Security Check

The Extension Security Check is designed to notify users about potentially harmful extensions, policy violations, and inactive unpublished extensions. It provides users with the opportunity to review these flagged extensions and make informed decisions about whether to keep or remove them. With the latest update, Chrome 125 introduces two new types of extensions for user review: those not installed from the Chrome Web Store, and those that violate store policies by using deceptive installation tactics. Two new triggers will be added to the extension security check on the "Extensions" page during deployment.

Animated Side Panel

Google is actively working on design improvements for the side panel, which provides quick access to bookmarks, search, reading mode, and more. Chrome 125 introduces a new slide-out and slide-in animation for opening and closing the side panel. This change enhances the transition, and it would be great to see more of these refinements in the future.

Privacy and Security Vulnerability Fixes

Google Chrome 125 has been released, addressing 9 security vulnerabilities. These include two high-risk bugs, three medium-risk flaws, and four low-risk issues.

Type Confusion in V8 component (CVE-2024-4947 Security severity: High) - Successful exploitation of this security vulnerabilities could lead in complete compromise of affected system when the user visits a specially crafted malicious web page.

Use after free in Dawn (CVE-2024-4948 Security severity: High) - This security vulnerability allows a remote cyber-attacker to trick the user into visiting a malicious web page, then triggers a use-after-free error to inject and execute arbitrary program code on the target system. Successful exploitation of this security vulnerability could lead an cyber-attacker to compromise the affected system.

If you're using a version of Google Chrome before 124.0.6367.207/.208, it's crucial to update to the latest secure version, 125, by clicking the button below to safeguard yourself from potential cyber threats.

Check and Update Chrome Now

When you click the "Check and Update Chrome Now" button, it will take you to the "Browser Update Checker" page. On this page you can check for available updates. Once the security update is installed, the page should list the latest versions of the Chrome web browser (at the time of writing):

• Chrome versions 125.0.6422.60 and 125.0.6422.61 on Windows and Mac
• Chrome version 125.0.6422.60 on Linux

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