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Don't Let Yourself Be Hacked—Google Chrome 121 Fixes 17 Security Bugs

Google Chrome 121
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By Click&Clean - Saturday, January 27, 2024. Last week, on January 23, Google rolled out the first major update in this year to the stable version of its web browser, Chrome 121. The update contains fixes for various security and privacy vulnerabilities that affected previous versions of the web browser, and also includes some new features and changes

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In-Flight Wi-Fi: How Secure Is It?

In-Flight Wi-Fi Security and PrivacyBy Click&Clean - January 19, 2024. In-flight Wi-Fi has become increasingly popular and prevalent on many airlines worldwide. Security is a crucial aspect of in-flight Wi-Fi, because it involves transmitting sensitive data over a wireless network. How secure are in-flight Wi-Fi networks?.

5 Personal Security Gadgets To Keep Your Data Protected

Your Online SafetyBy Click&Clean - November 22, 2023. In anticipation of sales with big discounts on "Black Friday," which falls this year on November 24, and "Cyber Monday" on November 27, we recommend that you consider several products that will help you improve your online security and personal data protection.

Google Chrome 114 Fixes 8 High-Risk Security Vulnerabilities

Google Chrome 114By Click&Clean - May 5, 2023. Last week, Google released a major update in version 114 of its Chrome web browser for desktop and mobile platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android, fixing 16 different security vulnerabilities that affected previous versions of the web browser. Update Chrome to version 114 to close security issues.

Google Chrome 112 Arrives With 16 Security Fixes

Google Chrome 112By Click&Clean - April 5, 2023. Yesterday, Google released the latest version of its Google Chrome web browser, Chrome 112, to the official stable channel. Google Chrome 112 comes with a total of 16 security fixes, including 3 high-severity bugs, 9 medium-risk flaws, and 4 issues that are rated low-risk security vulnerabilities.

Google releases Chrome 109 Stable with 17 security fixes

Google Chrome 109By Click&Clean - January 12, 2023. Earlier this week, Google released the first major update of 2023 for its Chrome web browser for all major platforms and it's the last major version of the web browser that will support Windows 7/8/8.1.

Google Chrome 107 Emergency Security Update

Google Chrome 107By Click&Clean - November 2, 2022. Google released an emergency update for the Chrome 107 desktop web browser to address an actively exploited zero-day vulnerability. The critical security risk vulnerability, listed as CVE-2022-3723, is a type confusion issue affecting the V8 JavaScript engine.

Google Chrome 104 Fixes 27 Different Security Issues

Google Chrome Version 104By Click&Clean - August 9, 2022. The latest Chrome 104 fixed 27 security bugs, including 7 high-severity bugs, 15 medium-risk flaws, and 5 issues assessed as low-risk vulnerabilities. Here's a list of high- and medium-risk security issues that have been patched in Chrome 104.

Google Chrome 103 Fixes Critical Security Bug

Google Chrome Version 103By Click&Clean - June 27, 2022. Desktop users, whether Windows, Mac, or Linux, are advised to update their web browser as soon as possible, as Google has confirmed 14 security vulnerabilities, including one rated as a critical security issue and two as high-severity security bugs. Learn about security fixes, improvements, and changes.

Chrome 102 Arrives With More Than 30 Security Fixes

Google Chrome Version 102By Click&Clean - May 30, 2022. This major update includes a total of 32 security patches, including a critical security issue that could be exploited by a remote cyber attacker to corrupt data, perform DoS attacks, or execute arbitrary code on the vulnerable system. Google Chrome 102 is now ready for upgrade.

Chrome 98 Closes 27 Security Holes

Google Chrome Version 98By Click&Clean - February 5, 2022. Following the first major release of Chrome version 97 in the year 2022, the next release of the popular Google Chrome browser, version 98, was rolled out to the public on February 1, 2022.

Google Chrome 97 Arrives With 37 Security Fixes

Google Chrome Version 97By Click&Clean - January 10, 2022. Nearly two months after the Chrome 96 release, Google has released the first major update in 2022 for its Chrome web browser, which is now available for upgrade on all major platforms.

Google Fixes Multiple Security Flaws in Chrome 96

Google Chrome Version 96By Click&Clean - November 16, 2021. Google Chrome 96 includes many different improvements and bug fixes, and addresses various security vulnerabilities that affected previous versions of the web browser.

Chrome 94 Addresses Multiple Security Vulnerabilities

Google Chrome Version 94By Click&Clean - September 22, 2021. The new version of Google Chrome is primarily a security and privacy release that also includes new features and important improvements. Learn more about Chrome 94 release.

Chrome 92 Improves Anti-Phishing Protection

Chrome Version 92By Click&Clean - July 22, 2021. One of the several new security abilities built into Chrome 92 is a new technology to spot phishing websites. Learn more about security fixes, new features, and changes.

Chrome 91 With Improved Security and Data Protection

Chrome v91By Click&Clean - May 26, 2021. The latest Chrome version 91 includes improved security and data protection, enhanced safe browsing, Tab Groups freezing, enhanced performance, a new copy and paste functionality, and other new features and changes.

Chrome Web Browser Released with Critical Security Fixes

Google Chrome Version 90By Click&Clean - May 7, 2021. The Chrome 90 update includes important security fixes, improved data protection, more secure connections, better video streaming, stability and performance improvements, and new features.

Google Chrome 89 Fixes Critical Vulnerabilities

Google Chrome 89By Click&Clean - March 24, 2021. In early March, Google released a major update in version 89 of its Chrome web browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux users, followed by two more minor updates that fixed more than 50 different security bugs that affected previous versions of the browser.

Chrome 87 Rolling Out: Security Fixes, Revamped PDF Viewer, Webcam Controls, More

Google Chrome 87By Click&Clean - November 17, 2020. Chrome 87 release contains 33 fixes for security vulnerabilities, performance updates, a new PDF viewer user interface, new webcam control capabilities, tab throttling feature, and more.

Chrome 86 Gets Solid Improvements and Security Fixes

Chrome 86 Gets Solid Improvements and Security FixesBy Click&Clean - October 10, 2020. This major upgrade contains 37 fixes for security vulnerabilities, including one critical use-after-free vulnerability in Chrome's payments component. Learn more about the key new security features in Google Chrome 86.

Chrome 84 Is Out With 38 Security Patches

Google Chrome 84 With Security Fixes and Numerous New APIsBy Click&Clean - July 17, 2020. This major release includes a total of 38 security patches. These fixes addressed one critical vulnerability, 9 high-risk bugs, 18 medium-severity issues, and 10 flaws that were highlighted as low-risk vulnerabilities. Learn more about changes in Chrome 84.

Chrome 83 Comes With Significant Security Updates

New Chrome 83 With Significant Security UpdatesBy Click&Clean - May 22, 2020. The Chrome 83 addresses 39 security vulnerabilities, including 13 high-severity issues, 22 medium-risk bugs, and four flaws assessed as low-severity vulnerabilities. This release also includes many user-centric security features with numerous enhancements.

Chrome 81 Released with Important Security Fixes

Chrome 81 Fixes Many Security Gaps By Click&Clean - April 10, 2020. A new Chrome 81 version is now being promoted to the Stable channel and comes with more than 30 security vulnerability fixes. Find out why you should update your Chrome ASAP.

Chrome 80 Arrives With More Than 60 Security Fixes

Google Has Fixed 62 
Security Bugs By Click&Clean - February 6, 2020. A few days ago, Google released the first major update in 2020 for its very popular Chrome web browser, which is now available for upgrade on all major platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, etc. Chrome 80 arrives with more than 60 security fixes

Chrome 78 Released with 39 Security Fixes

Google Has Fixed 39 
Security Vulnerabilities By Click&Clean - 24 October, 2019. The latest Chrome 78 version introduces new improvements, features, as well as plenty of security updates, including 5 high-risk issues and 16 medium-risk bugs. How to update and what's new

Google Has Fixed 52 Security Bugs In The Latest Chrome

Google Has Fixed Multiple Security Bugs By Click&Clean - 18 September, 2019. Today, Google released Chrome 77 with multiple security fixes, including 2 critical bug, 12 high-risk severity issues, 17 medium-risk vulnerabilities, and 10 low-risk flaws. How to stay safe and what's new

Chrome 71 Will Warn You About Subscription Scams

Chrome 71 Subscription Scam Warning By Click&Clean - 18 November, 2018. Starting with Chrome 71, when you visit a page that has been flagged as deceptive, you will end up on a warning page that states "The page ahead may try to charge you money." About Subscription Scams

Google Chrome 70 Will Give You More Privacy Controls

Google Chrome 70 give you more privacy controls By Click&Clean - 9 October, 2018. In mid-October 2018, Google is expected to release version 70 of its popular Chrome web browser. The new version of Chrome is going to give users more privacy controls.

Major Chrome Update On The Browser's 10th Birthday

Google Chrome 10th anniversary By Click&Clean - 12 September, 2018. Dear all: As you know, Google released version 69 of Chrome early last week, in time for the browser's 10-year anniversary. As always, Chrome's updated features focus on privacy and security.

Google Chrome Now Labels Insecure Websites

Chrome labels insecure websites By Click&Clean - 25 July, 2018. Yesterday, Google has released version 68 (68.0.3440.75) of the Chrome browser for desktop. This update comes with a number of security updates, 42 security fixes and new APIs.

Google Chrome 66 With a Focus On Security

Google Chrome 66 With a Focus on Security By Click&Clean - 21 April, 2018. On Tuesday, Google Chrome Stable has moved up to version 66. This release contains a number of security updates, 62 security fixes, new APIs and features. The most noticeable additions are all security-related.

The Strict Site Isolation feature is now enabled by default. Chrome 66 will now give out warnings to users when any third-party software are injecting code into Chrome's process. Google Chrome will now block sound on autoplay content by default to reduce unexpected video playback with sound.

We recommend you immediately update Google Chrome to version 66. For better online protection and more comfortable experience, always use the latest version of Google Chrome and latest version of Click&Clean. It's TOTALLY FREE! You can download Click&Clean from Chrome Web Store.

Boost Your Online Security and Privacy With Chrome 65

Improve Your Online Security With Google Chrome By Click&Clean - 10 March, 2018. Dear all: A few days ago Google has launched a new version of the Chrome browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. This new release comes with almost 45 security fixes, new features and enhancements.

One of the most important new security features of Chrome 65 is the built-in tab-under blocking, which is designed to prevent websites from loading pages that you do not expect when clicking on links. Update your Chrome right now …

Chrome v64 Released, Update Now To Stay Safe and Secure Online

Keep Your Browser Safe and Fast By Click&Clean - 25 January, 2018. Dear all: Today the Chrome team is rolled out a new release v64 of Google Chrome for Desktop. This release includes around 53 security fixes, bug fixes, and a number of improvements and changes.

We strongly recommend that you keep your browser up-to-date to ensure security improve functionality. Google Chrome automatically updates itself if it detects a new version available, but to make sure you are protected by the latest security updates, we recommend you update your browser immediately.
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