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Google Chrome 78 Stable Release

By Click&Clean - Thursday, 24 October 2019. Two days ago, Google moved Chrome 78 to the Stable desktop channel, and it is now available for upgrade or download for users of Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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The latest Chrome 78.0.3904.70 version introduces new improvements, default and experimental features, as well as plenty of security updates, including 5 flaws that are rated high-risk severity issues, 16 considered medium-risk bugs, and 18 assessed as low-risk vulnerabilities.

Google Has Fixed 39 
Security Vulnerabilities
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The security vulnerabilities addressed in Chrome 78 include use-after-free vulnerability in the media component, buffer overflow, URL spoof in navigation, URL bar spoofing, extension permission bypass, CSP bypass, file download protection bypass, file storage disclosure, and so on. A complete list of all changes is available in the Chrome changelog file.

If you haven't updated to Chrome 78 yet, we recommend updating as soon as possible by simply clicking on the "Update Chrome Immediately" button above.

Changes, and What's New in Google Chrome 78

One of the first things you'll probably notice when using Chrome 78 for the first time are the Tab Hover Cards. When you hover over any tab, it will show the page title and the site homepage URL.

Chrome Tab Hover Cards

This new feature is designed to make it easier to identify tabs when you have multiple tabs open. You can also enable the "Tab Hover Card Images" flag, which will add a thumbnail image of the webpage to the Tab Hover Cards. Just copy and paste chrome://flags/#tab-hover-card-images into the Chrome URL bar, select Enabled next to the flag name, and click Relaunch now.

In Chrome 78, when you right-click on any tab, you'll no longer see some context-menu options, such as "New tab," "Close other tabs," "Reopen closed tab," and "Bookmark all tabs." Google has removed these options in order to reduce the amount of unnecessary items.

Other new experimental features in Google Chrome 78 include the Password Leak Detection that will alert you if one of your log-ins is found in a data breach, and Forced Dark Mode for any website that can be used to enable the dark theme for all web content you browse. You can enable these flags at chrome://flags/#password-leak-detection and at chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark.

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