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Prevent Third-Party Apps And Sites From Accessing Your Google Account

By Click&Clean - Friday, 23 November 2018. Dear All: If you have a Google account, you have likely given some apps, extensions, and websites access to your basic account; however, it is possible that you have given them permission to full access to your account, which can be like playing with fire.

Check access to your data …

It is important to note that every app, extension, or website you have ever allowed access will have access forever, until you revoke it.

Improve Your Google Account Privacy and Security

You may have seen a simple "Sign in with Google" option when trying to access some apps, extensions, or websites. Of course, it's a faster way to log in, and you don't need to create and remember different usernames and passwords.

However when you use your Google account to sign up to use an app, extension, or website, you are giving them access to your private information.

Sometimes, these third-party apps and websites will collect and sell your private data and personal info, manipulating your Google account by making edits or deleting your comments and posts, automatically subscribing you, or posting and sharing information without your knowledge.

You might be surprised by the number of apps, extensions, and sites that have access to your account, and it's likely you've forgotten which ones you've granted access.

How To Remove Permissions For Third-Party Sites And Apps

Head to the "Apps with access to your Google account" page, or open Click&Clean settings and select "Apps with access to your Google account" in the "EXTRA" section, then log in with the account you want to check.

There you'll see a list of "Signing in with Google" apps, "Third-party apps with account access," and "Google apps." Click on any app or site name to expand it so view what it can do with your private information and see when permission was granted. Google apps are relatively safe since they are created by Google.

If a third-party app, extension, or website says it has "Full Access" or "Read and Write Access," that means it can see and modify all your private information in your Google Account.

Check and revoke access now …

For example, take a look at the screenshot below:

App Access to Your Google Account

You will find that the app or site has access not only to your basic information (name, gender, e-mail address, country of origin, etc.), but also has full access to your YouTube (Google) services, including the ability to see, edit, and delete your YouTube videos, playlists, and subscriptions; as well as the ability to edit or delete your comments and posts, and to view and manage your YouTube activity.

Using the services from this third-party app or site puts your account security at risk. Therefore, you should select "Remove Access" to revoke your Google account access for that particular app or site.

Remove access immediately …

In order to improve your privacy and security , we strongly encourage you to carefully check which apps and sites you gave permission to access your Google account, and clean up the ones you no longer use or trust.

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