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By Click&Clean - Sunday, July 25, 2021. Cybercriminals are constantly inventing new ways to get hold of your money. For this reason, there are a number of security measures you can and should take on your own to keep your online banking data secure.

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Online Bank Account Security

Online BankingBy Click&Clean - July 12, 2021. Since most banking transactions are now done via computers, tablets, and mobile phones, it's important that these digital services are secure. But how does your bank's online privacy and cybersecurity measure up?

Auto-Delete Activity Data From Your Google Account

Automatically Delete Your Activity Data By Click&Clean -Updated: October 8, 2019. This new functionality allows Google customers to automatically remove Location History, Web & App Activity, and YouTube History information after a specific time period. Here's how it works

Make Your Twitter Account More Secure

Make Your Twitter Account More Secure By Click&Clean -Updated: March 15, 2022. It's very convenient to sign in to everything using a simple "Sign in with Twitter" option, but this can create security problems if those apps or sites have full access to your Twitter account

Protect Your Personal Data On LinkedIn

Protect Your LinkedIn Account Security By Click&Clean - June 10, 2019. In this article, as a continuation of the subject of the security of your online accounts, we will describe a few simple things that will help you make your LinkedIn account more private and secure

How To Secure Your Microsoft Account

Secure Your Microsoft Account By Click&Clean - May 10, 2019. Like many other companies, Microsoft also allows a wide range of third-party apps to use your account with a simple "Sign in with Microsoft" option. Learn how to improve the privacy of your Microsoft account

Protect Your Privacy and Security On Facebook

Protect Facebook Account By Click&Clean -Updated: March 29, 2022. Like Google, Facebook allows third-party apps and sites to use your account for a simple "Login with Facebook" option, which gives those apps access to your private data and personal information.

Prevent Third-Party Apps and Sites From
Accessing Your Google Account

Improve Your Google Account Privacy and Security By Click&Clean -Updated: April 3, 2022. If you have a Google account, you have likely given some apps, extensions, and websites access to your basic account; however, it is possible that you have given them permission to full access to your account, which can be like playing with fire.

How To Clear Search History From Your Google Account

Delete your search activity from your Google account By Click&Clean - November 5, 2018. Just recently, Google updated the way to delete your search history, making it easier and more efficient for Google users. Previously, it was possible to remove certain search activity, but it was not very easy or convenient. How to clear search history
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