In order to use Click&Clean Private Mode, please install the extension to your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

Click&Clean Private Mode

Browse the Web Incognito


Now you can browse websites privately, and your browsing activity will invisible to other people who use this device. Your browsing history and other activity traces, will be automatically removed after you close the browser.
We do not track or collect what you type and where you go.

Privacy & Security Tools

Private Browsing - What Does It Track?

Browsing history

Web pages you have visited will not be added to the list of sites on the browser History page.

Downloaded Files

A record of the files you've downloaded will not be listed on your browser's Downloads page.

Search & Autofill Form Data:

Information like names, phone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, etc., you enter into text boxes on web pages or in the search field, will not be saved for auto-complete forms.

Cached Web Content

Images, temporary / cached Internet files, and files that websites store on your computer for offline use will not be saved.

Cookies & Site Data

Information about websites you visit which is stored on your computer, such as login status, website preferences, and data used by plugins, will not be saved.

Please note that all internet activity records mentioned above will only be deleted after you close all your "Private Mode" windows.


Your saved passwords, downloaded files, and bookmarks, will still be saved on your computer and browser after the "Private Mode" window is closed.

Need more privacy? Check out other security measures you can take to protect yourself online. Enjoy Private Browsing!