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Browsing Data Cleaner
for Microsoft Edge™

Click and Clean for Microsoft Edge BrowserClick&Clean is an extension for a new generation Microsoft Edge Icon Microsoft Edge™ browser which lets you delete your browsing history, typed URLs, cache, cookies and other junk files, with just one click!

It's free and effective tool to protect your privacy and your private data, speed up your browsing and boost your productivity.

The Click&Clean extension is one of the top-rated extensions that is trusted by millions of users around the world. So, what are you waiting for? Add Click&Clean to Microsoft Edge™ and cleanup all the trash that's slow down your Web browsing.

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100% Clean, Safe and Free, No Hidden Things!

Fast and Effective Cleaning

Click&Clean provides you with an extremely efficient way to keep your computer secure and clean. You can use simple one-click cleaning when necessary, or a fully automated cleaning to save your valuable time. Preset cleaning modes allow beginners to clean up their browser in seconds, but also with easy access to advanced features for power users.

Safe and Private Browsing

Websites can track your behavior online through your browsing history, cookies, cache, etc., that are stored in your browser. Malicious software, if it gets access to your browsing data, will be able to use your data for their own selfish purposes. Click&Clean removes all your online tracks, so any browsing on the Internet remains safe, private and anonymous.

Speed up your Microsoft Edge™
with Click&Clean

The browser saves the records of the sites you visited on your hard drive to help the pages load faster the next time you visit. But after some time this can clog the disk space of your computer and slow down the browser. Click&Clean helps you secure and speed up your browser to its initial fast performance by removing junk files and browsing history.

Download and Install Click&Clean
for Microsoft Edge™

Click&Clean is a free browsing history cleaner tested and approved by the qualified team of the Microsoft Edge™ Addons Store. It's 100% clean, no spyware, no malware! By downloading and installing Click&Clean, you agree to our Privacy Policy.

100% Clean, Safe and Free, No Hidden Things!
Check Your Webcam Private and Secure Test …

We always appreciate your feedback, useful features suggestions and constructive criticism to improve the overall quality of the Click&Clean and related services.

Click&Clean - Top Rated Cleaner Tool
Click&Clean is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 63,862 Chrome Web Store reviews.

Media Reviews

MakeUseOf We at MakeUseOf highly recommend Click&Clean extension and know it will add value to your browser and computer experience, as well as help you be safer. - MakeUseOf

Getting Started

A quick start guide covers how you can quickly get started using Click&Clean to protect your privacy and security online. Adjust Settings.


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