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Manage Cookies Easier and Faster

Cookie Editor is a free, powerful and easy-to-use cookie editor for the Google Chrome™ or any Chromium based web browser. Cookie Editor helps you more efficiently manage cookies stored within your browser. The interface is intuitive and well-designed, so yes, Cookie Editor can be used by beginners as well as advanced webmasters and developers. Cookie Editor is currently supported on the following desktop platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS and is one of the best cookie manager available for Chromebook.

Along with the usual features like adding, deleting, editing etc. which are found in other cookie editors, Cookie Editor extension allows you to specify a whitelist of cookies that you want to keep, that lets you stay logged in on a number of websites you like to visit or keep a website's settings.

Plus an Extra Pro Feature, Cookie Editor lets you create your own encrypted cookie sets, store multiple users log in cookies and switch between accounts with the click of a mouse button. Also, you can easily export your cookie set to an encrypted password protected file (AES - Advanced Encryption Standard), import a cookie set from an encrypted password protected file.

Key Features of Cookie Editor

Cross-Platform. Cookie Editor is working on multiple operating systems: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 / Vista / XP, Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux and Chrome OS.

Visual Cookie Editor with graphic tree-type view of cookies that lets you easily manage all cookies in one place.

Standard Features: Add a new cookie - Modify a cookie properties - Delete a cookie - Delete all cookies at once.

Whitelisting. Ability to specify a Whitelist of cookies that you want to keep. Features: Same as standard - Delete all cookies, excluding whitelisted - Add or remove a cookie to or from the whitelist with 1-click.

Encrypted Storage. An extra feature is the password protected Encrypted Storage. Features: Ability to create your own custom cookie sets and save into password protected Encrypted Storage; Backup or restore a cookie with a single click of your mouse; Encrypt and export your cookie set to an encrypted password protected file (AES encryption); Import a cookie set from an encrypted password protected file.

Download and Install Cookie Editor

You can download and install Cookie Editor from Chrome Web Store. To do this, just click on "Add to Google Chrome™" button below, this opens the download page for Cookie Editor on Chrome Web Store. Then click on "Add to Chrome" at the top-right to start downloading and installing. Once app is installed, just launch Cookie Editor from the extension toolbar or context menu. By downloading and installing Cookie Editor, you agree to our privacy policy.

100% Clean, Safe and Free, No Hidden Things! Download Now (Free)

How to Install Cookie Editor Manually

To install Cookie Editor extension to Google Chrome™ or Chromium manually, from our website:

1. Download the latest extension package as CRX file. 100% clean and safe, scanned by Virus Total.

2. For security reason, you can check downloaded file size and hash. File size: 139KB / 142950 bytes,
hash - SHA256: 47019fdc096251728dc94ddeee32f45c9f27d4c019e68a865fa4c9f7becfd8c3

3. Open the Chrome extensions page chrome://extensions and enable "Developer mode" at the top right. Drag and drop downloaded CookieEditor_Latest.crx file into the extensions page to add the app to Google Chrome™ or Chromium based browser.

Do you have questions or ideas related to the Cookie Editor? Please feel free to contact us via our email creation form.


Cookie Editor
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