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Download Skins for Click&Clean

Customize the Way Click&Clean Looks With Skins

Note: this page decsribes features of Click&Clean that are deprecated and obsolete. To change Click&Clean appearance, please look at the Change the Appearance web page.

Although users love Click&Clean for its magical multi functionality, it's surprisingly customizable. By following a few quick and easy steps, you can give it a fresh new look:

1. Open Click&Clean options.
2. Click on the left menu "Advanced", and then select a skin you would like to use.

Download Click&Clean Skins

If you have an earlier version of Click&Clean (v7.7-v7.8.1), choose a skin you like and click the "Download" button. Once download is complete, locate and run ClickClean-SkinName.exe. After install please restart Google Chrome™.

Multicolor Skin
100% Clean, Safe and Free, No Hidden Things.
Gray Skin
100% Clean, Safe and Free, No Hidden Things.


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