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Are you Sure that your Private Data remain Private and Secure?

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored

PasswordHello, dear friend! Did you know that almost all modern browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer has the ability to store megabytes of private data onto your computer's hard disk, also known as client-side data storage. This means when you go to a website, it can use your computer's hard drive as a client-side storage to store any data type, including sensitive private data like credit card information, health records, current location, your login data, IP, website you have visited from, how many times you've visited a website and when, collect any data and track your activity across the web.


I believe in a zone of privacy

SecurityAre you sure no one else can get access to your private data stored within your web browser's storage and use it for fraudulent or malicious purposes? I'm not sure. Of course, although a major browser developers are working hard to fully secure their browser against identity theft, security breaches and exploits, this is not an absolute "guaranteed cure" against private data leakage. Every day new bugs are discovered in web browsers, criminals are constantly improving their technology, finding new vulnerabilities. This immediately begs the question, what I can do to protect my private data from leakage? I see at least two real-life solutions that would really work, either encrypt all sensitive data or just wipe that data on a regular basis. No data, No Worries.

Security & Privacy Tips, Tricks and Apps

WomanHere you can find useful tips and tricks on how to increase your computer's security and protect your private data. How to make browsing, chatting, banking and shopping online a bit safe and secure experience for you. How to clean your computer system and make your computer run faster. And, of course, here you can download our free, easy-to-use yet powerful security and privacy apps like Click&Clean for Chrome, Click&Clean for Firefox, History Eraser, Cookies App, etc., which is used by more than 300000 unique business and home users in the world today.


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