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Quick Scan Your Computer for Viruses

The Fastest and Free
Virus Scanner

Here you can quick scan your computer for spyware, viruses, and other malware that might put your PC at risk and compromise your security and privacy.

Start Scanning
for Active Malware

To start scan your computer, click Quick Scan for Malware, and then click Start Scan. QuickScan will begin scanning the areas of your computer that malicious software is most likely to infect. As soon as it completes the scan, QuickScan displays the scan result. If the scan finds infected files, you can use free virus removal tools that are found at the links on the right of this page. Temporarily Unavailable. Please try again later. QuickScan is a free and very fast online antivirus and malware scanner, which uses "in-the-cloud" scanning technology from BitDefender®. The QuickScan scans currently running programs on your PC and is capable to detect active malware, rootkits and keyloggers in less than a minute.

Free Virus Removal

Is your computer infected with a specific virus? Just browse through the database of available free virus removal tools, hit download and run the virus removal process.

Real Time
Virus Statistics

Threat MapReal time threat map by Bitdefender®. View live attacks, infections, spam worldwide. Bitdefender Threat Map.

Cyberthreat MapView real time network attacks and malware detection flow on the 3D globe. Kaspersky Cyberthreat real-time map.

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Removal Tools

Browse through the database of available free virus removal tools.

Help & Support

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